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Defining a Persona

After some small research I realized it really depends on your own goals – what exactly you want to know about the user. Below are some of my thoughts how to define a persona, but they are rather “recommendations” than a solid template:
Defining a Persona
A persona represents a group of users who exhibit similar behavioral patterns in their use of technology or products, customer service preferences, lifestyle choices, and the like.
A persona details should list relevant to your business [or to your software] items.  One of the ways defining them is to conduct users interviews on the customer side (among potential end users), and starting from 30 interviews we can create a definition of our persona. Other thought how it can be done is through anonymous online surveys.
There are some details we may find about a persona, split on two main categories:
1. Personal Profile
1.     Age range (or broader: demographics) 2.     Location (or broader: cultural background) 3.     General likes/dislikes (…

10 Principles of Good Design (by Dieter Rams)