In the search of joy of work (4 minutes oral presentation)

More I was thinking of the topic of the presentation more Iwas becoming puzzled what topic to choose. Among number of things which veryimportant for me are happiness, family, friends, god, health, luck, joy oflife, and work, work which I would really like to perform. And today I willtalk about work, since most of us spendmost of our conscious time working, and YOU AGREE that job takes huge amount ofour lives, right?
I am working in software engineering field for a long time.I liked to explore the internet in its late 90s, when it was very young, Iloved to transform new interesting designs and projects into reality, loved tobe involved into mass media projects, when thousands of people started torecognize my work and sometimes my name.
However, after a while I started to get bored. Life ofprogramming became not pleasant any more, and going to the office every daybecame a torture.
I asked question to myself: what do I do? Coding andprogramming. How do I feel? I feel like I am stuck with this type ofwork, it suppresses personality, it accumulates the anxiety inside, and doesnot help much for conversational English, since almost no speaking is requiredby job duties.
In fact I’ve never liked it, but I didn’t want to give up Ithought it might be my employer, and I changed it, but it did not help much.
How about change of profession? And what would Ilike to do? And I came up with the idea that I would rather do peoplemanagement. However in order to get into management I have to have a managerialexperience, or corresponding education, neither of which I possess. Plus itrequires some interpersonal qualities, leadership, communication and languageskills.
 And here thecommunication in English is a serious constraint. I belong to another culture,I speak another language. I belong to totally different universe. Russianfamily, Russian friends, Russian coworkers… English has always being an extraeffort, and in many cases – a barrier to move forward. It affects everydaylife, personally and professionally, career growth and any career changesoverall.
And I took a decision to continue my education.  Currently I am taking English and ProjectManagement classes. My year resolution goal is to get a professionalcertificate in Project Management, which will help me to jump into management.
I also have a long term goal: Master in businessadministration, or MBA. So, my education has started again, and I hope it willopen new opportunities in my professional life and will help to find a jobwhich I like.
I am on my path to find myself, to find what I enjoy themost, to find out who I am in my world and what my world is about. I believe if I change my daily routine, ANDMY PROFESSION, I will be happier. I am on my way there.


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