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Javascript RegExp: replace parameter value in query string

Task: change the value of parameter 'tid' in given querystring. Original querystring: var linkParam = 'tid=8&id=11008&location=news'; New 'tid' parameter value: var tagId = 12; You can do it using 'replace' function. Final code to replace: var tagIdReg = /[tid=](\d+)[&]/i; document.write(linkParam.replace(tagIdReg, '='+tagId+'&')); But if you need just extract 'tid' value use 'exec': var tagIdReg = /[tid=](\d+)[&]/i; var regResult = tagIdReg.exec(linkParam); document.write(regResult[1]);

Functional desktop background

While ago I created this extremely useful :), yes, that's right, for probably every web developer, the Windows desktop backgroud. It should fit most of the today's desktop screens resolutions. Dimensions of background is: 1680x1200 . For more compatibility the format of the file is windows bitmap. Download it, unzip and copy to your C:\windows folder. It will become available on "Desktop" tab of "Display Properties" window. It looks like this (but bigger, yeah):