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Data visualization for Roadmap Microsite (Angular and D3.js)

While working for Calypso Technology I was given a task to build a Product Roadmap and Inventory Microsite. This would be a web application which visualize the all Calypso' current products as well as a future roadmap. Since Calypso was using AngularJS , I employed the the same technology to build a front-end. As a designer I focused on UI and how exactly I would visualize the complex structure of the product line catalog. I created a prototype, which was ready to be picked up by engineering team and to adopt for production. For data visualization I used open-source Sankey diagram library based on D3.js . I couldn't find the the library with exact features I needed. So, I forked an existing github project, to create my own library tailored to the needs of this project. I called it  styled_sankey . Below are some examples I created to demonstrate the visual abilities of my new library (from simple to more complex):