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SVG - XML based vector graphics to replace GIFs and PNGs

While doing UI design I faced problems with animated spinners, which I created in GIF format. One problem is I have to place spinning images on top of differently colored tiles, on various colors, which I cannot control. And second is the tiles are scalable, and the animated GIFs should scale as well. But they don't. These issues though can be addressed by SVG format, which is supported by all major browsers except Internet Explorer (of course). IE doesn't understand animation in SVG. (Note: if the SVG graphics doesn't work on this page as described, or for any other reason, you can visit a standalone demo page . On that demo page instead of <embed> tag I use <img>, which in the case of simple SVG animation works exactly the same. However to render it properly in Blogger posts I have to use either <embed> or <object> tags.) So, here is the problem. Animation: Notice rough edges, and scaling quality loss on the last tile: I