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Adobe MAX 2007 conference: visitor notes

I have to admit that these four thousand people at the conference in majority were very enthusiastic, showed a lot of interest and eager to learn and to be at the top of the technological edge. Adobe gathered a lot of companies and individuals who combined various production line ideas and tricks in attempt to create something new. And many of them succeed. No doubt there was what to see and what to do. My prime interest was Flex and ActionScript 3.0. Accordingly I attended sessions related to these technologies. Here at glance some thoughts and ideas which caught my attention during sessions: In Customizing the Flex Framework session: Skinning, effects, data descriptors, collections, validators, formatters can be extended to implement our own components. Speaker pointed the use of tag which adds a new scope of content, and if we want to access outer scope from our component, we use 'outerDocument'. In case of bug in Flex framework impossible to find a workaround for we can &