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Using Trello and Confluence to manage UX design project. Part 2

This is part Two. Part One can be found here . Term definitions. Brainstorming board. Activity board. Let me give you an overview of the items we refer to, deal with, and vetting all days long. Below are my simple definitions. UX Brief – a living document, a single and comprehensive point of reference of the design project. User Story – a short requirement or request from the end user. Later will be converted into task flow performed by this user to reach the goal. Acceptance Criteria – a set of conditions/statements, or a checklist, which defines the user story’s Pass/Fail . Feature – a functional part of the application, which combines several user stories. User stories are written to provide a complete support to this feature in terms of tasks performed by the user, while keeping in mind the user’s goal. Epic – a large logical group of multiple features in complex application. Brainstorm – a collaborative session involving product owners (PMs) and UX designers