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Using Trello and Confluence to manage UX design project. Part 1

This is part One. Part Two is here . Introduction. “ Describe your design process ”. It’s a typical interview question for UX designer position. User-centered design process indeed has defined set of steps. In theory. On the practice though, the adherence to these steps depends on many factors, such as communication and execution skills, practical experience, ability to influence people, being leader and influencer, and at what level your organization is a design driven org. So many businesses are not ready to adopt the design practice, and to place the design before the development. Or simply there is not time or budget to go through all steps. Here in Herbalife the UX Design team accepted Norman Nielsen group philosophy:   Empathize – Define –Ideate – Prototype – Test – Implement .  However the   interpretation of the practical tasks can differ dramatically in different organizations. Here what we currently do: Design Thinking and Agile Any project, which goes t