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Four tools for prototyping: Sketch, Figma, Principle, and FramerX

Well, five. Because Sketch is not a prototyping tool. Prototyping solution will be Sketch + InVision. On the other hand InVision without Sketch doesn't hold much value, yet. It may be changed with the latest addition - InVision Studio . But let's stick for now with four tools: Sketch, Figma, Principle, and FramerX. The goal of this research is to identify strengths and weaknesses of the tools, and their suitability for the UX team. The main use is to create wireframes and later convert them into interactive prototype. I have chosen these tools because I used them before. The exception is FramerX, which is simply a brand new tool which I wanted to give a chance. No discrimination - there are bunch of other great tools on the market, they are just out of scope of this article. Criteria: Simple click through prototype.  Compatibility with Sketch.  Micro-interactions and animations.  Ease of use.  Collaboration – ability to share, to annotate on UI elements, and to