Typical Senior Frontend Developer position

This is a typical example of the UI engineering requirements. They are great. Typical for 2012 in its manifestation. It's a classic.

About You

Your proven track record of building amazing things speaks for itself.  You are passionate about creating extraordinary web experiences by writing beautiful code. You have extensive experience with JavaScript, DOM Scripting, CSS and semantic HTML and have strong debugging abilities across all major browsers.  You've worked efficiently in large JavaScript codebases and know how to keep the code modular and loosely coupled.  You are comfortable thinking full stack and moving around the codebase as necessary to get the job done, including interfacing with RESTful APIs and implementing supporting mid-tier code in Java.

The Role

The clean, intuitive, and beautiful user interface you will build will play a critical role our user experience -- allowing users to navigate through data and visually manipulate massive data sets to gain new insights and also to share and tell stories around their data.  You will be building core frontend components of a fast, scalable, complex web application (HTML5, CSS, JavaScript) using libraries and frameworks (e.g. jQuery, MooTools, Closure, Dojo, YUI).  You are not just someone that mindlessly converts Photoshop files to HTML pages, you are an an integral part of our product/engineering group helping to define, design, and develop new features.
Tags: HTML5, CSS, Javascript, Closure, jQuery, Dojo, Prototype, YUI, DOM Scripting 


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